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Your Business is our Domain.

We provide Independent Reviews for private or personal liability companies.

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dv accounting
We develop Tax Strategies.

By developing a Tax Strategy in line with your business goals, we help you achieve tax efficiency. Meet your annual tax requirements with us.

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dv accounting
We help grow your Business.

Our Consulting Solutions assist you with the strategic development of your business. Improve your finance and accounting processes with us.

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How can DV Accounting help you?

We understand that every business is unique and therefore aim to offer financial services that help our clients grow and prosper.

Our Services include:

independent review

Independent review

An Independent Review is an alternative assurance engagement where the independent reviewer provides limited assurance on a set of annual financial statements when compared to that of the reasonable assurance provided by the external auditor.

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tax services


From calculating tax, submitting tax returns and handling SARS queries.

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consulting services


Specifically tailored to your business, relevant and designed to help you succeed.

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working with South African businesses for over 15 years.

With the ever-changing economic climate globally, evolving technology and the need to be competitive, more and more entrepreneurs are entering the marketplace than ever before. Navigating the technical landscape of owning and operating a micro, small or medium entity can be daunting and in a great number of cases lead to the company failing before the end of its first 12 months of trading.

Statutory compliance, financial controls, back office administration and planning are the leading causes of companies, especially micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, failing.

We have a passion for seeing small businesses succeed and grow, with sustainable processes and systems designed specifically for the business and the people that work in them. We believe that no two businesses are the same and that no two owners operate in the same way. We believe that the systems used to run your business effectively should be systems that add value and not a constant drain of precious working capital. In short, the best system is not always the most expensive system.

It is from this passion that DV Accounting was created, to help businesses succeed, to become partners and to facilitate your success. The focus should be on doing business better and doing lots of it. We will take care of the mundane.

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